Javascript Time Tracker with Progress Bar

Time Tracker

Time tracker tools help you understand how much time you spend on each task, spend your timing wisely, and increase the productivity. This article shows you how to create a simple Javascript time tracker using setInterval function. The demo presents single-tracking and multi-tracking with CSS progress bars.

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Web Development – Progressive Web App

This essay introduces advanced new technology – Progressive Web App (PWA).  The features include Service Workers, Web App Manifest file, and Application Shell work. It also mentions responsive web design, how businesses applying PWA to become successful example, and final concludes with Progressive Web Apps versus Native Apps.

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Integrate Amazon Web Service (AWS) into Application Architecture

This essay analyzes that how to integrate Amazon Web Service (AWS) into application architecture. Decision-maker should have good understanding when applying AWS. To build a enterprise architecture framework, considering the risk and how to create an appropriate business model to achieve the goal. As a result, both the business and information technology can successfully execute.

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