AI bashes

We designed a web app that can define what is an ore and what is a waste by using an image classifier model created by tensorflow, python, and docker. We can take a photo of rock from our phone and upload into the web app. The machine learning tool will show the percentage and pie chart about whether your rock photo is an ore or a waste.

Creative Capstone

This creative capstone illustrates the design and development of an application prototype that analyzes the time spent by the users to inspire self-discipline. The application is called DiSpend, symbolizing Discipline Your Spending. It has a responsive design and includes both a mobile and a desktop version. The functions focus on the primary source of time spent and uses it to visualize different types of charts for the user. The interface allows the user to set goals about how much time they expect to spend on each task. DiSpend is a time management application. DiSpend aims to assist users to predict their time spent on different tasks, so people can adjust their daily activities to have better-organized plans.

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Web Development – Progressive Web App

This essay introduces advanced new technology – Progressive Web App (PWA).  The features include Service Workers, Web App Manifest file, and Application Shell work. It also mentions responsive web design, how businesses applying PWA to become successful example, and final concludes with Progressive Web Apps versus Native Apps.

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