5 Steps activates free WordPress SSL in Bluehost


Recently, Bluehost just announced that it provides a new service that let the user add a SSL certificate (https) into their website. However, if the user are using a shared hosting, it will still need to purchase a dedicated IP domain for registration. Buying a dedicated IP costs a lot of money.

Fortunately, Bluehost also provides another service that enable user to add a SSL certificate – the website must be hosted on WordPress. Adding a SSL makes your website more secure, helps boost your searching ranking on google engine. If your are a Bluehost user who currently using WordPress. This post will assist you to transfer your site from HTTP to HTTPS step by step. Solving the problems that might be happened on the progress.

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Javascript Time Tracker with Progress Bar

Time Tracker

Time tracker tools help you understand how much time you spend on each task, spend your timing wisely, and increase the productivity. This article shows you how to create a simple Javascript time tracker using setInterval function. The demo presents single-tracking and multi-tracking with CSS progress bars.

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Simple data visualization with HTML5 form and Chart.js

In recent, data visualization becomes more important because it presents a better conversation between customer and business. The company can even through the business intelligence tools to transfer their data to information to drive values. This article will show you how to use HTML5 Chart.js to deliver a simple chart for data visualization.

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Manually redirects your website from Blogger to WordPress

There are plenty of online articles showing that how to switch from Blogger to WordPress. However, sometimes we may face unexpected issues for “My blogger doesn’t have matching URL so it can not import completely to WordPress.” or “I just want to manually redirect to my website.” or even “I have no idea what the heck it is…”.

This article assists someone who looks for the correct answer to manual redirect the post links.

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Web Development – Progressive Web App

This essay introduces advanced new technology – Progressive Web App (PWA).  The features include Service Workers, Web App Manifest file, and Application Shell work. It also mentions responsive web design, how businesses applying PWA to become successful example, and final concludes with Progressive Web Apps versus Native Apps.

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